About Us

Uncle Tom and LJ

Tom and I grew up together, and Tom, my uncle, was born about 5 months after me, so yes, my uncle is younger than me. My Mom, and her Mom we’re “busy” at the same time – ha : ).

As far as our diets, we both practiced the “typical American diet”, in which we both came to meet some consequences of that choice later on in life.

Long story short, we both chose a “plant based” diet later on, also known pretty much as a “vegan” diet.

We both love technology, music, gadgets, playing music, and making videos in addition to making trouble.

After talking a zillion years about working on a youtube channel together, we finally got our asses off of the ground and started putting it into motion.

Here we are, doing something that we are both passionate about, and, we’re having tons of fun doing it.

We’re not professionals at this at all, editing wise, performing wise, and really anything else wise – we’re just trying our best, so you’re sure to witness some typo’s, talking blunders, and maybe some faux paus (hopefully not).

That being said, you will also come across some great vegan food reviews, inspiring vegan talk, vegan restaurant reviews, and some funny vegan talk that will include some great guests. We will also talk about lifestyle and some politics, mostly in the health and environmental issues and how that affects all of us in the US, and the whole world.

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Thanks for checking out our site!

LJ and Tom